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The safety and comfort of your home's interior depends on having solid, high-quality roof above it. Whether you know of an existing problem and wish to know the extent of the damage or you need to acquire a roofing certificate for legal reasons, trust Skywalker Roofing.

We offer thorough home roof inspections to fit any requirement you may have.
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Reasons You May Need an Inspection
Roof inspections can offer you much needed peace of mind, as well as improved insurance premiums or vital building code compliance. Reasons you may need a home roof inspection include:
  • Insurance mandated inspection
  • Property transference through buying or selling
  • Storm damage evaluation
If necessary, we can provide you with a certificate outlining the condition of your roof, whether or not we perform any maintenance or repairs at the time of the inspection.

What Our Inspection May Include
The contents of a roofing inspection often vary according to the inspection's purpose. Our technician can walk you through what to expect when we come to complete the inspection. However, many inspections include reports on the following:
  • Condition of roofing elements like fascia, chimney, and vents
  • Damage related to exterior or interior cracks
  • Efficiency of gutter and downspout systems
  • Overall intactness and appearance of the roof, both inside and outside
  • Roofing material soundness, including any missing or broken shingles
Just need an estimate for current repair costs? We offer free estimates.

Rely on Our Expertise
Once we complete a thorough inspection, we can help you decide if you should take steps to make your roof safer, more efficient, or more aesthetically pleasing according to your needs.

Regardless of why you need your roof inspected, trust Skywalker Roofing for a prompt, hassle-free experience in the Winston-Salem, NC area.
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